How to Identify High - End Cashmere

Identifying High End Cashmere

Investing in luxury cashmere provides the opportunity to treat yourself and your wardrobe with a sustainable, quality product. Cashmere grades determine the value of this timeless fabric; ranging from A -the highest grade- to C, for superior softness, texture and retainment of shape; all qualities that make it well worth its price tag! When shopping for top shelf cashmeres you can be sure you're receiving a truly luxe investment piece: one crafted by nature itself that will last through stylish seasons ahead. 

Cashmere is a luxurious and exquisite fabric, but not all cashmere is the same. If you’re looking for a high-end cashmere garment, there are certain telltale signs that will help you identify quality materials. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the signs of high-end cashmere and why it’s worth investing in top-notch pieces. 

What Makes High-End Cashmere Different? 

High-end cashmere is made from pure fibers that are obtained by combing the undercoat of the Kashmir goat. This special undercoat must be at least 12 microns thick to qualify as a true cashmere fiber—anything thinner than that won’t deliver optimal softness or warmth. Furthermore, these fibers must be hand-combed with great care and attention to detail so as to prevent breakage when they are spun into yarns. 

Other factors also contribute to the quality of a cashmere garment—such as how it was dyed and woven—so it’s important to pay attention to the details. Generally speaking, however, high-end cashmere will have a very soft feel due to its fine fibers, and it will also be extremely lightweight and warm without being bulky or heavy. It may also feature an interesting texture or pattern due to its unique weaving technique. 

cashmere grades and weave

Breathability & Durability 

High-end cashmere garments tend to be very breathable because their fine fibers allow air circulation while still providing insulation from cold air or windy environments. These materials are also quite durable since they can retain their shape even after multiple washings, wearing’s, and dry cleanings. Furthermore, luxury cashmeres tend not to pill (i.e., form tiny balls of fiber on their surface) as easily as lower quality fabrics do over time. 

Cashmere Grades 

Cashmere grades range from A to C, with A being the highest quality. As cashmere is known for its lightweight, soft properties, the highest-grade cashmere will feel the softest and will retain its shape longer. For the value, Grade A cashmere is well worth the investment compared to its cheaper counterparts. 

For the ultimate in luxury, 27 Miles Malibu uses Grade A cashmere - boasting delicate fibers that are as soft and light as a feather! With an impressive diameter of 14-15.5 microns combined with fibers up to 36mm long, it's no wonder this is considered one of life’s finest materials.  

High-end cashmere garments are truly worth investing in if you want something luxurious and timelessly beautiful you can wear for years to come! Not only do they look chic and fashionable while keeping you warm in cold weather, but they’re also incredibly durable compared to other fabrics thanks to their fine fibers and weaving techniques. Keep an eye out for those telltale signs of quality mentioned above when shopping for your next dream wardrobe item!