A Fresh Take on Spring Fashion: Our New Spring Break Collection

 There's something special about the transition from winter to spring in Malibu. With each breath, we feel a sense of adventure awaken within us! The warm air and vivid colors of blooming flowers inspire wanderlust for distant places... but also an appreciation for our own backyard. We long to spend days wandering local shops and walking down the beach in the warm spring sunshine. It’s that fresh, ready to go anywhere feeling that inspired us when we created our latest design, the Spring Break Collection. 

We sat down with Emily, our Co-Founder and Head Designer, to learn more about what inspired the highly wearable, easy-to-travel-in pieces.

Pam: Every season you design colorful yet easy-to-wear cashmere for our customers. What inspired you to create this collection? 

Emily: This season, we wanted to explore designing pieces that work for every type of body. After all, not everyone has the same taste or size, so we worked to design a collection that appeals to our customer no matter what size she wears or how old she is. When she puts on a 27 Miles Malibu cashmere piece, I wanted her to feel beautiful, sophisticated  and comfortable. 

Giving our customers options to choose from when they travel - from our popular travel poncho to cardigans and classic (with a twist) crewnecks, there is something for every shape and style in our latest collection.

Pam: I know you love to explore Southern California in the springtime. Where do you envision our customers wearing these designs?

Emily: Use your imagination! I love to walk along the beach in the early morning to watch the sunrise. It’s cold then and I love to layer the spring break collection pieces to keep warm. Then, as the day warms up, I might head to an afternoon cocktail with my best friend, and I put a hoodie (like my favorite, the Ermina) over my shoulder. It’s the exact piece I need when the AC clicks on!

These designs are so versatile that they can be worn whether a woman travels across the world or across town to lunch. I am especially excited to layer them as I explore Asia with my family this spring. The weather changes so fast there, and I love that I can layer and be comfortable no matter what Mother Nature has in mind. This collection is filled with pieces that are perfect from a day at the beach, on a once-in-a-lifetime spring getaway or on a spring vacation somewhere local.

Pam: People often think cashmere is just heavy sweaters and winter scarfs. At 27 Miles Malibu, you definitely prove that idea wrong and always design for the season and its unique weather. I wonder, how do you like to wear cashmere in the spring? 

Emily: I wear cashmere as a layering piece as the months get warmer. Here in Southern California, I know that people always think that it is “summer all the time”, but that isn’t true. It is really nice here, but there are times when a layering piece, like a lighter weight but luxurious cashmere sweater is perfect.

In the springtime, we have rainy days and cool mornings, making it perfect that you can wear our cashmere pieces as an extra layer. I always take a cardigan or hoodie when the morning starts cold, because it’s a layer that can be taken off as the day gets warmer. 

Whether you are wearing it as a pullover or a sweater you lay over your shoulder, these styles can be dressed up or down.

Pam: What is your favorite piece from the collection?

Emily: Well, I love them all! But if I had to choose just one, and this is really hard, I’d choose the ERMINA baja hoodie. We played with color and style with this piece. Creating a multifunctional hoodie that can be worn every day with bright pops of color true to the 27 Miles DNA. It’s so easy to wear and is perfect for layering in the springtime. I always get cold in the spring, especially when it rains, and a light but comfortable and soft piece is exactly what I need to stay cozy and happy. 

Pam: Thanks for taking the time to chat with me about the new Spring Break collection. You have definitely made me think about all of the unique ways to wear cashmere this season and where to travel for my spring break. 

Emily: I am glad you like the collection. It has something for every woman – from new colors to fun styling and easy-to-wear hoodies. It’s both fun and sophisticated, something that isn't always easy to design, but that I like to think we are known for.  

Pam: Thanks again, Emily, for showing us that cashmere doesn't need to be confined to one season or one style. 

Check out the spring break collection here.