The Resort Collection

Introducing the Resort Collection 

The holidays are over, but winter is just getting started. To break up the cold, gloomy days, the team at 27 Miles Malibu wanted to create something to lift your spirits. The Resort Collection is all about color, unique patterns, and special details to bring joy to your winter wardrobe. To learn more about The Resort Collection, we sat down with our CEO, Emily Vallorano, to better understand her vision for this collection.

What inspired you to create this collection? 

The Resort Collection is a capsule collection to bridge the gap between the Fall/Winter Holiday Collection and the Spring Collection. It is inspired by our customers, who often take this time of year off to travel to warmer, sunny climates. 

Is there a story behind the colors and designs you used? 

The colors of the resort collection are fun, bright, warm weather colors. They aren’t the usual colors you see this time of year. The pieces are mostly layering pieces with cardigans and hoodies that are conducive to easy traveling and changes in weather between destinations. Many of the pieces also feature smiley faces, peace signs, and fun, bold colors from neon to bubblegum pink. We wanted them to reflect the vacation mood: playful, carefree, and relaxed.



Where do you envision your customers wearing these designs? 

Imagine a cruise vacation to Cabo, Mexico. The temperature is warm during the day but cools down in the evening. The long duster is useful during your actual travel days. The Smiley hoodie could be worn over a bathing suit while lounging on the deck. The cropped cardigan can be worn over relaxed resort dresses for a nice sunset dinner. Other fun pullover sweaters can be worn during excursions into local towns. All the pieces are easily layered and transitional to keep you comfortable no matter the shifts in weather.


Do you have a favorite piece from the collection? 

I love the smiley face hoodie. It is such a fun piece, and it makes you smile, which is what The Resort Collection is all about. The hoodie is well-constructed and full of small design details that set it apart as a luxury piece. It is also 100% cashmere, so it’s light, warm, and soft. But unlike most luxurious cashmere pieces, it has a big smiley face on the back for an extra unique touch. It often catches people off guard. You’ll never stop getting compliments when you are wearing it.



We are so excited for you to experience The Resort Collection for yourself. With any questions, feel free to reach out to us.