Sustainability and Our Sweaters

Sustainability and Our Sweaters

At 27 Miles Malibu, celebrating California and the earth is at the center of our mission. That is why we are passionate about making our brand as sustainable as possible. For us, that means being intentional about everything from the yarn we source for our sweaters to the packaging we use to ship them to your home. Our commitment to sustainability is also what inspires us to continue searching for new ways to minimize our footprint. Explore the steps we are taking to make 27 Miles Malibu as ethical as possible. 

The Sustainable Cashmere Standard

We aim to meet the high standards set by ABT Foundation’s Good Cashmere Standard® and the Sustainable Fibre Alliance. Both groups have the mission of transforming the cashmere industry by ensuring the welfare of cashmere goats and improving the working conditions of farmers. By creating an ethical, cruelty free environment on goat ranches, these groups are creating a sustainable product and future for our planet. 

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What is the Good Cashmere Standard? 

Good Cashmere Standard® is the first independent wool sustainability standard for high-quality cashmere. The Good Cashmere Standard® has been developed with input from animal welfare specialists as well as industry experts. An advisory board composed of cashmere producers, non-governmental organizations, retailers, and brands regularly reviews the standard and its verification system based on the results of the audit process and any new scientific findings. Their standards are a set of regulations that covers animal welfare, the protection of the environment, and the management of farms. 

What is the Sustainable Fibre Alliance’s Mission? 

The Sustainable Fibre Alliance provides a voice for the cashmere industry by working with others in the cashmere supply chain to address the challenges facing shepherds and their livestock. Their membership brings together herders, farmers, traders, processors, manufacturers, brands, and retailers to ensure sustainability is a priority throughout every step of the supply chain. They are holistic in their approach, incorporating social-ecological research with traditional knowledge and best practice.

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27 Miles Malibu and Sustainability 

27 Miles Malibu is proud to continue working towards being as sustainable as possible, and that begins with selecting the most sustainable and ethical yarn for our sweaters. Our goal is to partner with suppliers who provide the finest, most sustainable, and affordable yarn to the world. This can be done by sourcing traceable, renewable, and recycled materials and partnering with nomadic farmers to ensure above-standard wages and healthy goats. 

What is Traceable Cashmere? 

Traceable cashmere can be traced all the way back to the goat its fibers came from. All middlemen are cut out to make sure the yarn we receive is from an ethical and sustainable source. 

What Makes Cashmere Yarn Sustainable? 

Our yarn comes from Inner Mongolia and China, where almost all cashmere is organic. However, not all cashmere is environmentally sustainable. To ensure sustainability, suppliers must support herding families and veterinary care for over 250,000 goats. 

A large part of sustainability efforts revolve around cruelty free practices. This includes traditional brushing methods for goats. Cashmere goats live in extremely cold and harsh climates. To survive, they grow long, fine fibers to protect themselves. Sustainability-minded herders hand-comb the goats' coats since shearing can be very stressful for these animals and leave them without the coat they need for the harsh climate. Even though it takes more time and effort to hand-comb the fibers, herders uphold a 2,000-year-old nomadic tradition that is still the best thing for their goats—and for our sweaters.

Sweaters You Can Feel Good In and About 

At 27 Miles Malibu, we want our customers to feel as good as possible when they wear our sweaters. That includes making sure our sweaters are something to be proud of. That is why we will always be aiming for the most sustainable practices possible. If you have any more questions about our sourcing or products, please feel free to reach out to us.